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All Staff Meeting

This year’s All Staff Meeting was one of the most exciting yet. The goal was to have powerful guest speakers, and to bring people together in-person, if at all possible. Organizers also wanted to recognize the incredible efforts of KCHC staff members, who have been juggling a lot of demands and tasks over the past couple of years. The end results checked all the boxes, and our three hours together were jam-packed! The meeting was an ambitious hybrid of in-person and virtual. The All Staff Meeting Committee and IT did an incredible job of making sure that, as much as possible, attendees had the same experience, whether they were attending in person or online. The ice breaker was a juggling lesson from the Queen’s Kingston Juggling Club, and each participant received some juggling scarves to keep. This intro provided a fun and light-hearted way to start things off. It was incredible to hear the laughter as staff tried to replicate the basic skills being taught. The agenda then moved into a powerful discussion on connection from Pytor Hodgson of Three Things Consulting; his lived experience and perspective as an Indigenous man, was truly inspiring. Next staff members broke out into smaller groups for a fun question and answer game, which allowed staff to get to know each other. Mike Bell gave a report on the past year at KCHC, Justine McIsaac of CTS conducted a training on Naloxone, and staff service awards were presented. The meeting concluded with a keynote speaker: Dr. Jane Philpott, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University, who talked about health equity and the incredible value of the work done at KCHC while sharing her positive vision for the future of health care.

When you have been away they welcome you back like family.
- CTS client

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